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We created TryOnlineTherapy to spread awareness that online therapy and talk therapy has never been closer.
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The world can be a dark place, and life often gets the best of us. Whether it's depression, anxiety, relationship issues or struggling with an eating disorder, today help has never been closer. The internet has changed the way individuals are experiencing counseling, therapy and, simply put, getting their lives back on track.

Our site and community was created to bring those of us who are struggling together and form a support group. When no one else will listen, our goal is to have someone here ready to have a conversation. And when the time is right, if need be, we're ready to hand you off to a professional, trained counselor.

You can access the chat for free, anytime, morning, day or night. Feel free to create an account and leave a message of hope, share your story, and engage with others in our community.

We are all in this together.
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Suicide Prevention Hotlines

If you feel someone in the chat is in serious danger of harming themselves, please direct them to one of the following suicide prevention lines:

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